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Setting up a domain purchased from My Free Website

You can purchase your domain directly from My Free Website. Not only will you be taking advantage of our best priced domain names however your domain will be automatically set up on the My Free Website servers. 

Renewing your domain name

Our domain name manager will automatically notify you when your domain name is ready for renewals. For .com.au domain names renewal is due every two years. Domain names with other extensions (ie .com .net) the renewal will depend on how long your domain was purchased for, this will vary between one and two years.

Transferring your domain away from My Free Website

Domain names purchased from My Free Website can easily be transferred away from My Free Website. To do this simply log into your domain account and request the 'auth key' required by your new domain name provider. 

Deleting or requesting a refund on a domain name

Ensure you take great care when selecting your domain name, as once purchased it is not possible to cancel a registration or receive a refund on a purchased domain and this authority is out of My Free Website's control.

Purchasing multiple domains for one website

You are able to purchase multiple domains and point them to the same website. If you have purchased multiple domains and require assistance in pointing these to your website, please submit a support ticket with all your domain details and we will complete the domain re-directs.


Setting up domains purchased from other domain resellers

If you have a domain name already purchased via a domain name reseller other than My Free Website, you are still able to use this domain for your My Free Website website.  

Firstly you will need to login to your domain account which would have been set up when purchasing your domain name. If you can not recall where the domain was purchased from you are able to conduct a who is search by clicking here.

Once you have logged into your domain account there will be an option to UPDATE NAMESERVER. You will need to update your Nameservers to the following:



Once you have updated your nameservers, please submit a support ticket so we can complete the final stages of your website setup.