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What is a domain name?

A domain name is your on-line address. It's like your home or shop address but on-line. All domain names start with www and can end in .com, .com.au, com.au at the end of a domain name identifies the domain as an Australian business. Many Australian businesses have both the .com and .com.au version of their domain name and we would suggest you purchase both to protect your on-line space. Whilst it is very naughty (and completely illegal in Australia for .com.au) it is not uncommon for others to purchase existing business names with the aim to sell the domain name back to the business at an inflated price. Best to prevent this happening by purchasing both your .com and .com.au domain names if available.

To register a .com.au domain name you will need to have an Australian Business Number (ABN). If you do not have an ABN visit www.abr.gov.au to register for an ABN.


Key points to consider when selecting a domain name:-

1. Keep your domain name relatively short

A short domain name is good for quite a few reasons:- easy to remember; fits well into logos, signage, marketing material; less chance of error when typing into browser. If you have a very long company name it would be worth considering an abbreviated option for your domain name.

2. Make your domain name memorable

A good domain name is memorable. You want to make sure your customers are easily able to remember your domain name whether it be generic (www.myfreewebsite.com.au) or unique (www.google.com).

3. Ensure your domain name relates to your business name or core business

The ideal scenario is if your domain name can be guessed off your business name. Don't worry if you can't find the exact domain name your are after. Be creative and search for functional names, names that represent your core business or names that express an emotion or attitude.

4. Talk to your target audience

Ensure your domain name is appealing to your target audience. If your business is located in Australia use both the .com and .com.au version of your domain name to ensure your geographically accurate.

More than 128 million domain names have been registered worldwide and thousands of new ones are added every day. Be creative and get the best domain name for your website!